Getting the power you need to weather the stormiest weather

ECG is there to help keep you powering on

Ever been affected by Melbourne’s wild weather?

This is when you check that your site is still standing and there isn’t any damage to your workplace and equipment.

It makes it all a bit tricky when the power is out!

That’s when you’d love to have one of the trusted Kohler generators on your side.

It’s always an unnerving feeling when you discover there’s no power. All that checking switches as you make your way through the darkened work spaces and trying to make sense of what’s happened. If it’s just your place that’s been affected or the whole street or neighbourhood.

What You Lose With a Loss of Power

There are many factors in play when it comes to loss of power.

It could be due to natural disasters like a violent storm, an isolated incident in your workplace or the electricity supply unable to cope with heavy demand in a heatwave.

The whole point is that whenever there is a power outage, you can be suffering the consequences without first realising it. This is where generators for the workplace come to the rescue.

If there is a power loss at your home when you are away the damage could be spoiled food from the fridge or your electrical appliances.

The damage to your workplace and business is often a more serious issue.

A whole host of today’s business equipment can be affected by a power outage, which includes;

  • Computers
  • Network drives
  • Data systems
  • Appliances

Most of these appliances are controlled by microprocessors – very small computer circuits. Unfortunately, microprocessors are extremely vulnerable to any variations in voltage. This means that when the power is turned back on (or restored when you are not around) that there is a sudden voltage increase which can burn out the microprocessor.

It would be great if you were there to unplug all of your equipment when there was a loss of power, but that’s not always how things work out.

If you are not onsite, then your business could be vulnerable to the damage a lightning strike or power loss can cause. That’s why generators for the workplace are such a great idea.

Data loss and computer chaos

With a power loss comes the danger it causes to computers. It can be as simple as causing computers to suddenly shut down. This can mean losing any files or data you were working on or the corruption of files.

If there are frequent power outages, serious damage can be made to your hard drive and even decrease its lifespan.

In a workplace, that can be devastating for a business. Loss of data has a huge impact on how a company functions, even those with a limited use of I.T.

Save yourself the headaches of losing power with Kohler Generators

Nearly 50% of power outages are caused by severe weather.

With the increase in storm activity and wild weather events, it makes sense to get one of the leading brands in power generation – that’s where Kohler Generators are a stand out choice.

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