How to get a tailor-made temporary power solution that suits all your needs

The generators that have you covered in both planned and unplanned power outages

Having the right temporary power solution has saved many businesses over the years.

Knowing that you have the team behind you with the expertise and professionalism that you can rely on gives you complete peace of mind.

It’s important to have that reliability in the process of any planned power outage. It’s critical when it comes to the event of any unplanned power outages. That’s when you want to know that everything is taken care of.

Even a planned power outage can go wrong

For any planned power outage, the most important things are pre-planning, precision timing and service capability.

Even the smallest hiccup can mean the difference between a successful operation and ongoing problems that can spiral out of control.

That’s where you need a professional team that have the experience and expertise to cover exactly what is needed throughout the process. Being able to anticipate anything that could go wrong means eliminating the chance of those problems occurring.

A planned power outage is often a stressful situation. That is where a special skilled outfit can take the worry out of the process.

That’s where East Coast Generators stand out from the crowd.

The high importance of a high voltage shutdown

Despite the upheaval and disruption to business from the COVID-19 pandemic, East Coast Generators and our rental arm – Generator Rentals Australia have still been able to provide the ultimate in support for customers with both planned and unplanned outages.

One example was a special planned HV shutdown in support of Melbourne’s rail network.

This meant the installation and utilisation of five quality generators to produce a total of 1000kVA in power.

The co-ordination of this project meant that these generators needed to be running at a full 24 hours a day for a two-week period. The project included having the generators monitored remotely by the Generator Rentals Australia Team.

That’s when reliability is absolutely critical. Public transport is essential to the workings of an entire city. Any unexpected problem or outage can have dramatic effects. That’s where ECG/GRA are renowned for being able to deliver the best results in power, no matter what the business or project.

Help when you’re hit by unplanned power outages

Power outages can cause businesses more than just an inconvenience. In certain circumstances they can be devastating, especially if you haven’t got the back-up of a trusted team of professionals.

That’s where East Coast Generators and Generator Rentals Australia can look after you better than anyone else.

When you need reliability in power, you won’t find a better team. Being one of the most accomplished names in power generation is one thing – being the go-to crew for both planned and urgent power restoration is where ECG/GRA are head and shoulders above the rest.

Power is too important to leave to chance.

More power to you

Trying to stay on top of all your business needs and concerns is hard enough as it is. You don’t need to have to add the worry of your power generation needs to the list.

With the experts here at East Coast Generators on your side, you have all you need to keep powering your business onwards and upwards. The very best in power generation with the most reliable services available are ready and waiting.

When it comes to planned and unplanned power outages, ECG are here for you.

You can see the benefits of knowing that our power supply services we’ll be there for you whenever you need us. That’s the East Coast Generators way. 

We’re proud to be able to share our true professional service and advice.

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