Why generator repair and maintenance are just as important as the generator you buy

Your generator needs the best generator repair and maintenance to keep powering on

With any major purchase of machinery, you want to know that it will continue to perform at its very best for as long as possible. That’s the same with generators and why you need the best in generator repair and maintenance.

When it comes to looking after your power needs, you don’t get second chances.

There are far too many stories of businesses having the wrong or inadequate power supply. The risk of power interruptions is increasing year by year with the worsening weather and ageing power infrastructure.

The risk to a business for any blackout or power loss can be catastrophic.

Having the right power generators is the answer.

Power and the back-up you need

It’s important to remember that those precious power generators need the right generator repair and maintenance to remain the working lifeline they can be.

There are similarities in buying a new car. That initial outlay is one thing, but servicing and repairing that car can make all the difference to how it performs and how long you have it.

It doesn’t make sense to ignore servicing and maintaining your new car and then wonder why the problems seem to become more frequent and often get worse.

It’s a similar story with your power generators.

Making sure your generators have the right maintenance and repair team behind you can be one of the best business decisions you make.

Quality in maintenance and repairs is everything
We all know stories of people and companies that have had poor maintenance or repairs done to their equipment and then had to have the ‘repair work’ repaired or were forced to replace the whole unit.

The worst remedy can almost be as bad as the initial problem.

When it comes to generators, you want to know that you have the power you need whenever you need it. It takes a first rate team to help with your power needs so you won’t be second guessing yourself.

Generator servicing and generator repair is something that should only be done by experienced professionals

A team that can look after all your needs from the initial purchase and installation, through to maintenance, repair and any upgrade of your power generating equipment can be invaluable.

There should be the chance to take up a routine generator servicing program. That way you will know that your power generators are always working at their best without the worry that something has been forgotten.

The importance of ongoing maintenance

Ongoing maintenance is a critical component in ensuring the reliability of any power generation equipment. Having a tailor-made regular and ongoing generator servicing program will cover your equipment whether your generator is used:

  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,
  • only weekdays and business hours,
  • or in a standby emergency capacity.

Your generators are valuable assets that a proper servicing schedule will protect and ensure they continue to perform at their peak.

Businesses need to know what they have is all working for them. The ongoing reliability of your equipment is a key to your success and peace of mind.

That’s never more important in the case of power and your power generator.

Worker industrial machine

A powerful team behind power generation

Reliability in your power generator needs to be matched by the reliability of the team looking after your generator servicing and generator repairs.

That’s where the team at East Coast Generators are the stand out in everything to do with power generators.

The high level clients include the leading names in their respective fields. From the Australian Open tennis to the Melbourne Racing Club, the Big Day Out and other huge events to powering large industrial companies and government bodies, ECG is top of the list for quality.

It is no surprise that these high-profile clients expect an unconditional 24/7 generator servicing policy. Whenever you need the ultimate in technical support for generator servicing or repairs, ECG are the team to see.

If your backup generator needs to come offline for generator repair, there can be a quality rental generator sourced and delivered from ECG’s in-house hire group – Generator Rentals Australia.

There are a whole list of different situation where reliable power is the number one priority. That’s why it pays to the see the number one team in the business.

With a wealth of experience and expertise, you can’t go wrong with East Coast Generators.

ECG has the ability to work quickly and with precision. You can rest assured that any power outage or maintenance work is in the safest of hands.

The right power solution is here

It always pays to talk to the experts. Professional services that are the benchmark of the power generator industry are right here at East Coast Generators.

When it comes to supply and installation, generator repair and maintenance, ECG are the go-to team you can trust.

You can be sure that whenever you need us, we’ll be there for you. That’s the East Coast Generators way. 

True professional service and expert advice that we’re happy to share.

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