Why the power of Kohler Generators is the perfect mix of reliability and innovation

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If you’ve ever lost power, you know how frightening it can be.

There’s the initial shock that nothing is working – no lights, no computers, no equipment – almost everything seems to have died.

That’s where an ever reliable Kohler generator can save the day.

There’s no need to second guess what the next step in power generation should be because it’s already kicked into action by your Kohler generator.

Why are Kohler the leading name in power generators?

The special thing about Kohler generators is the fact that they’re made to work whenever you need them. Having that trusted source of power is a powerful thing in itself.

These are not just short-term solutions either. The key thing is that Kohler build their range of quality generators to last. Whatever the conditions, you can be sure that Kohler generators are specially engineered to work well in a variety of environments.

Having that reassurance when it comes to an emergency situation or when you are off-site can be invaluable for your peace of mind and your business bottom line.

The quiet achiever in power

For almost 40 years, Kohler have been leading the way in power generators.

They don’t make a huge song and dance about what they do or go for the ‘hard sell’ on the special things about Kohler generators. It’s all about letting a quality product do all the talking.

You can be forgiven for thinking that a power generator is a loud and constant disturbance that needs to be as far away from a workplace as possible.

Not when it comes to Kohler power generators. They have earned a trusted reputation for being one of the quietest of all generators.

How do they do it?

It all comes down to having the perfect mix of clever design, the latest innovation and incredibly well-built machinery. That precision goes all the way down to the smallest component.

That’s why a Kohler generator gives you the ultimate in reliability and performance.

You will always be sure that if ever the power fails, your Kohler generator won’t let you down.

Quality is a key to the Kohler brand

A Kohler generator set has a whole host of advantages. These include:

  • Premium performance engines
  • Low fuel consumption
  • A smaller carbon footprint courtesy of a unique high power density
  • Low temperature starting capability
  • Special high-grade insulation

Add to this the bonus of the Kohler controller range that allows you to program, manage and diagnose the performance of your generator and you have the best of best working for you.

Why Kohler generators are the top choice

It stands to reason that if you need to rely on power, then you would only choose the top performer in power generation.

It’s no wonder that the most important workplaces in the world choose Kohler generators to protect and maintain their power. From Airports to Hospitals, Data Centres to Schools, Theatres and Water Treatment Plants all call on the trusted power of Kohler.

There is often only one chance to protect your power source or the failure can be devastating.

With a reliability that is second to none, it’s easy to see why Kohler continues to grow in their reputation for delivering the highest quality in power wherever and whenever it is needed.

Tomorrow’s power can be yours today

Kohler generators have almost 100 years of engineering know-how behind them. The KD Series class of generators has always been built with an eye on tomorrow whilst being designed to last for decades.

Every single component is engineered, tested and specially fitted. Every stage of development is overseen by the Kohler quality-management system. You can only ensure the highest level of quality by following the full process from the first stage of production through to the entire lifecycle of the engine to be sure you are producing the best possible end product.

It’s all about giving you the ultimate power with the maximum in efficiency.

Tailor-made power if and when you need it

You can forget the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to power generation.

Kohler generators can be tailored to your specific requirements. Unlike other generator models, every Kohler generator is designed to work with precision in standby, prime or continuous applications. That means you get the right power and the right power rating.

The bonus is you can make significant cost savings along the way. With the added ability of easier installation, you will find Kohler generators as the ‘go-to’ brand for power in a whole range of industries.

All you need is an expert team behind you to help make your power generation story a success.

How the professionals and Kohler help you stay on your winning ways even if you lose power

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