What size generator do you need?

What size generator do you need?

When it comes to a small or large generator rental Melbourne who do you turn to for advice? Talk to Generator Rentals Australia – the hiring branch of East Coast Generators. 

What size generator do you need? With many variables at play, it’s not always easy to choose the right size of generator. 

How much power will you need? Are there hidden factors to consider? It can seem daunting, but without getting too technical, there are some basic questions to answer that will help get the ball rolling.

Let’s start with the three most common answers you will need:

  1. What power do you need to run all the appliances?
  2. How many appliances will you be running at any one time?  
  3. Can you work out the start up power needed?

The total power you need to run appliances goes beyond normal running. You need to include the power needed to start them. This can be up to 3 or 4 times more than the continuous running power. 

what size generator do I need

This is important to remember for equipment such as pumps, drills, air compressors, saws and grinders. The same applies with air-conditioners, fridges, even microwaves and deep fryers. Knowing the starting power requirements is essential to choosing the right generator to hire.

Taking the time to do accurate calculations will mean hiring the right power and saving yourself the trouble of not having enough power when you need it. 

The required wattage should be in the product manual or data plate of the appliances. You can always contact the product manufacturer for details or ask an electrician to do a reading on the starting power required. 

There are online power calculators that can help you get the basics covered. 

Professional generator hiring teams can take you through the process.

What size generator do you need?

Other factors to consider:

Choosing the right generator to hire depends on how you will use it:

  • Noise level; When you need quiet commercial operation, check the decibel rating and talk to your hiring team about which one will suit your needs.
  • Fuel tank capacity; you want a fuel-efficient generator that will cover all the work needed without the hassle of constant re-fuelling. 
  • Weight and Mobility; for medium to large generators, features such as wheels, lifting bars and handle kits make manoeuvring easier.
  • Remote starting; you don’t want to walk back and forth to start your generator. An electronic remote solves the problem and saves you time.
  • Safety Features are an important requirement on worksites. Weatherproof Outlets and Earth Leakage Protection are features to consider.
  • Reliability comes from using a quality and well-maintained generator. It’s essential in working safely. Get the back up support of a professional team should you have any issues or questions. 

What size generator do you need? Whether you’re after a small, medium or a large generator rental Melbourne is home to the best of affordable generator hire. 

Generator Rentals Australia is the name you can rely on.

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