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24/7 Generator Servicing

East Coast Generators takes care of installation, maintenance, repair and upgrade of power generating equipment. Additionally, we offer routine generator servicing programs and generator repair contracts for our clients own generators and after sales generator servicing for both new and used generators.

Our clients are leaders in their respective fields and expect us to provide an unconditional 24/7 generator servicing policy! So, if you are looking for technical support for generator servicing or repairs, we are here to service your needs. From small portable generator servicing to the large diesel generator servicing, we have you covered!

Generator Servicing Contracts

Ongoing maintenance is critical to ensure maximum reliability of power generation equipment. East Coast Generators can offer specialist advice to tailor a regular ongoing generator servicing contract to suit your individual needs. Whether the generator is used 24 hours, 7 days a week or in a standby emergency application, our recommended generator servicing schedule will ensure the welfare of your valuable assets.

When you engage us to maintain your power generation equipment, you are assured of ongoing reliability. You can take comfort in the fact that East Coast Generators has to support a critical operation in the repairs and maintenance of the comprehensive fleet of generators run by Generator Rentals Australia. Additionally, you can also take comfort that if your backup generator needs to come offline for major generator repair! A rental generator can be sourced from in house for a timely response.

ECG Sales and After Sale Generator Servicing

ECG sold a number of units to the principal contractor undertaking the Westgate Bridge Strengthening Project. We have also undertaken the maintenance on 25 + generators on the project, with many running 24/7. As a result, the client is extremely pleased with ECG’s ability to work in and around their schedules to ensure units were maintained to the highest degree with little impact on the task at hand. Most units were required to be serviced after hours. ECG was also on-call 24/7 to attend to any unexpected breakdowns.

The client was extremely pleased with the response time of East Coast Generators. Our prompt response often resulted in us being onsite within a half hour of the call.

Generator Servicing Project

East Coast Generators took on a large project, removing 3 x 10 ton+ G399 Gas Powered Caterpillar Generators from the 15th story of a city building. This project involved the partial disassembly of the generators. They were then moved 30 metres from their initial resting point to a penetration in the roof. From there, a 200ton crane was used to lift them out and safely load onto waiting trucks. Once back in East Coast Generators workshop they were re-assembled, tested and sold through our Sales Division.

Large-Scale Generator Servicing Projects

A showcase of our capability was the removal of three substantial G399 Gas Powered Caterpillar Generators from a 15th-floor city building. This complex task involved partial disassembly, precise movement, and crane lifting, followed by meticulous reassembly and testing in our workshop, before being sold through our Sales Division.For comprehensive generator service and repairs that you can depend on, visit us at East Coast Generators. Our experienced team is ready to provide industry-leading solutions for all your generator service needs.

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