The best portable power generators Melbourne has on offer

The best portable power generators Melbourne has on offer

How to hire a portable power generator near me

Portable power is important and reliable power is crucial. Where do you go when you need to hire portable generators that you can rely on?

There is a long list of portable power generators Melbourne wide. Finding the right one is not as easy as it seems.

Your first idea might be to jump online and search ‘hire portable power generator near me’. That search will probably bring up a mix of hire companies but mostly just ads that claim everything from ‘fast delivery’ or ‘best rates’ even ‘local service support’ and ‘a range of models to choose from’.

Let’s break that down for a moment.


The Right Generator for the Job

When you are looking to hire portable generators, you can expect that there are a range of models to choose from. If the hire company only has two generators, then you could be lucky with a great price but you will it be reliable or be fit for the purpose.

A variety of portable generators means you can find the right size generator for your needs.

There is no point hiring a large generator for a small job or project. It is a bit like having a jet engine put into a hatchback car – a little bit of overkill.

Best Rates

When you actually take your search of where to hire a portable power generator near me to the very end, you will need to weigh up costs.

There is the initial charge of the generator and then the delivery. Check whether they are separate charges. 

Is the equipment you will need available from the same place?

If not, you are looking at additional costs and deliveries. That can take time and add to the overall bill. 

Quality and Service

When you hire portable generators, you need to consider the quality of the equipment. The last thing you need is to be faced with interrupted power, drop outs and emergency repairs. 

If anything goes wrong, the team who hire portable generators to you should be there with a quick and easy solution. Not just fixing today’s problem tomorrow, but anytime – 24/7.


The delivery of any equipment should go as smoothly as possible. If you have any concerns about the delivery process, it could be a warning sign about the overall service.

Going with a professional team who hire portable generators but back it up with full service and delivery is your best bet.

The difference with Generator Rentals Australia

When it comes to the best generator hire, service and delivery – you can’t go past GRA. For more than 20 years, GRA have been the leaders in generator hire services, sales and solutions. All GRA equipment is quality checked to ensure its reliability. 

The power of true professionals

With the true professionals at GRA behind you, you don’t need to search online for ‘hire a portable power generator near me’ – the answer is here at GRA.

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