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Trailer Mounted Generators

Are you looking for towable generator rental?

At Generator Rentals Australia, our fleet of towable generators is the perfect power supply solution for commercial clients.

Generator Rentals Australia is your one-stop shop for reliable temporary power. Whether you’re facing a planned outage, need backup for an event, or are tackling a remote project, they have the towable generator rental solution for you.

Our fleet boasts a wide range of capacities, from a compact 17kVA generator perfect for powering essential appliances during a home outage to a robust 100kVA beast that can handle the demands of construction sites, food trucks, and large gatherings. No matter the size of your power needs, Generator Rentals Australia has the right generator to keep your lights on and your project moving forward.

Are you thinking about buying a large generator? Check out the range of products available on East Coast Generators and see our large generators for sale. We have new and used power units that are available across Melbourne and Australia. Need to make an enquiry? Submit your question or make a large generator rental Melbourne request by calling us on (03) 9369 6700 or emailing us at [email protected].