About Kohler

About Kohler

As Australia’s leading generator specialists & supplier, East Coast Generators (ECG) provides expert advice to guide you through the process of finding the best generators for your business.

With a range of new generators for sale and for hire, and as a Kohler generator Authorised Dealer, we offer professional services to meet your power generation needs.

When you rely on power, you want to choose the top performer in power generation, and for ultimate power with maximum efficiency, you can’t go wrong with Kohler power generators.

With almost 100 years of engineering know-how, Kohler generators continue to grow their reputation for delivering the highest quality in power wherever and whenever it is needed.

Made to work whenever you need them, Kohler generators are specifically engineered to work well in a variety of environments. Built to last, Kohler generators give you the ultimate in reliability and performance.

A power generator does not need to be loud to be effective and Kohler has earned a trusted reputation for being one of the quietest power generators on the market. This is due to a mix of clever design, the latest innovation and incredibly well-built machinery.

Kohler generators can be tailored to your specific requirements. Unlike other generator models, every Kohler model is designed to work with precision in standby, prime or continuous applications. This allows you to get the right power and power rating.

With the added ability of easier installation, Kohler generators are the ‘go-to’ brand for power across a wide range of industries, from hospitals and schools, to airports and data centres, and more.

Kohler generators offer numerous advantages, including:

  • Premium performance engines.
  • Low fuel consumption.
  • A small carbon footprint courtesy of a unique high power density.
  • Low temperature starting capability.
  • Special high-grade insulation.

The Kohler APM (Advanced Power Management) controller range allows you to program, manage and diagnose the performance of your generator.

While the KD Series II class of generators has been built with innovative design, meant to last for decades. Every component is engineered, tested and specifically fitted, and every stage of development is overseen by the Kohler quality-management system to ensure lasting quality.

An official Kohler generator distributor Melbourne

Failure of your power source can be devastating, which is why it’s so important to invest in a reliable power generator.

ECG are the Victorian Independent Authorised Dealer for Kohler Power generators, with genuine parts, accessories and Kohler power equipment available.

The team at ECG will provide you with the information you need to find the best generator. As an official Kohler generator dealer, we can look after all your needs, from the initial purchase and installation, through to maintenance, repair and any upgrade to your power generation.