Why a diesel generator is important (a guide)

Why a diesel generator is important (a guide)

Diesel generators keep going from strength to strength. There’s a long list of the advantages of a diesel generator hire that make it a clear choice in power.

Why Diesel Generators still power ahead

They can be utilised to generate power as a standalone source, for any emergency, as a standby and as peak shaving units.

Why do diesel generators trump other generators?

The answer is in their special characteristics such as: availability, reliability, quick start and fast ramp up. Their overall durability means they are a clear winner in the power generation game.

Advantages of buying or hiring a diesel generator

The diesel generator is much more efficient and preferable as compared with gas one due to the following reasons:

  • Power can be produced for a longer period without interruption
  • Fuel costs per kilowatt produced are 30 to 50% lower than gas
  • There are no sparking issues because the fuel auto-ignites. Maintenance costs are lower because there is no need for spark-plugs or spark wires
  • Gas units burn hotter than diesel, which leads to a significantly shorter life

The latest diesel generators have overcome the drawbacks of earlier models. There is no longer the issue of higher noise and maintenance costs.  They are now drastically quieter and require less maintenance compared with other generators of the same size.

Applications & Uses

Diesel generators can be used for a huge variety of industrial and commercial purposes.

The generators can be used for small loads, as in homes or larger loads for anything as divers as: shopping centres, hospital, warehouses, festivals and events, even multi-storey buildings.

One of the best things about diesel powered generators is their use as either a prime power sources or standby/back-up power source.

Knowing your power needs is the first step to using the right diesel generator.

Power when and where you need it

With diesel generators, you have the ability to customise your power to the supply you need.  You can buy a generator that will cover those needs and always hire any additional generator for special purposes such as maintenance or both planned and unplanned outages.

That’s why a diesel generator is important for finding the ways to meet your power needs in the most cost-effective way.

Where to go to power your way into the future

There are a number of generator suppliers around. Some claim to be able to look after you with a great price on purchasing a generator but can’t look after you when you need to hire one.

Others are purely hire places who have a limited range and a similarly limited service capability.

Then there’s East Coast Generators

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It makes life easy knowing that there’s only one place you need to go.

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