Fuel Tanks for Generators

Fuel Tanks for Generators

Looking for more information about fuel tanks for generators? At East Coast Generators and Generator Rentals Australia we are experts in energy distribution. If you have any questions about your fuel tank requirements, get in touch with us today. In the mean time, take a look at the rest of our blog and our fuel tank rental Melbourne page. 

Why do I need a fuel tank for my generator? 

If you’re hiring out a generator for an event, or installing a backup generator in your building, you will most likely need generated power for an extended period of time. Most generators run for up to 8 hours (of course, this will vary based on the type of generator you have). You can make extend the run time of your generator with no limits if you hire out a fuel tank. Many of our hire generators can be hooked up to multiple diesel generator fuel tanks, so the run time can be as long as you need. 

The following range of events are popular reasons to invest in an additional fuel supply: 

  • Racing carnivals 
  • Music festivals 
  • Weddings
  • Markets 
  • Street festivals 
  • Re-fuelling equipment 

Generator Fuel Tank Size Calculator 

If you’re having trouble determining what capacity you will need, you can contact our team and have a discussion about fuel tanks for generators. At East Coast Generators & Generator Rentals Australia, we have over 20 years of experience in the power distribution industry. You can rest assured that one of our friendly team members will set you up with the right sized fuel tank to suit your needs. 

When you are choosing a fuel tank, there are a number of factors to consider: 

  • what type and size of generator are you using? 
  • what kind of appliances to you intend to power with your generator? 
  • how much fuel do you need to operate the generator while it is in use? 
  • how much fuel do you need as an emergency stock in case you go over time? 

Call or email us now and we will collect all the information we need about your project to recommend the right sized fuel tanks for generators. We have 450ltr to 105,000ltr fuel tanks available for delivery now.

Check out this fuel consumption calculator for a guide to how much fuel your generator may use. 

Hire a Fuel Tank with Generator Rentals Australia 

At Generator Rentals Australia (and East Coast Generators) we provide rental services to businesses and individuals all around Melbourne to make sure they have access to reliable power solutions. We have a fleet of generators and trucks to allow the easy delivery and pick up of any generators, fuel tanks, or additional equipment you have hired. 

We are a family owned and operated business that values great customer service and perfect power distribution products. We conduct in house maintenance on all of our hire equipment to make sure everything is running smoothly and safely. All equipment is tested and inspected according to Australian standards prior to hire. 

If you would like more information about fuel tanks for generators (or any of our other services) please browse through our website and contact us for more information.