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We work with East Coast Generators across Victoria. We have both manual and automatic switches to help you transfer to generator power when you need to. Changeover switches are a useful generator accessory – they are used to transfer a building’s power supply from the mains electricity to a generator system (usually during a power outage).

If you’re looking for an easy transition to generated power, we can set up and Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) in conjunction with a generator to automatically monitor the mains power supply. If this supply is lost for some reason, the ATS will automatically intervene and start the connected generator. The ATS will then transfer the responsibility of power supply to the generator. The entire process happens within a matter of seconds – all without human intervention!

When the mains power is restored, the ATS will check that the supply is steady and transfer the power supply back to the grid. The generator will be shut down after a cool down phase and be ready to go again during any future power outages. If a critical supply is needed, we have the ability to run two generators through an ATS where there is no mains power available.

Advantages of automatic switches:

  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • Fast connection to generator power
  • Monitoring of mains power
  • Reduced human intervention

Save time and money by installing an ATS in your building today. We have a range of different models available at any hour. If you know you need a specific make or brand, simply get in touch with our team and we’ll supply you with the equipment you need.

Rent changeover switches Melbourne today with Generator Rentals Australia We can set you up with a switch that suits your needs, a generator that supplies reliable backup power, and all the other equipment you require to keep your system running smoothly. If you’re in urgent need of a generated power solution, you can access our 24/7 emergency service line by calling us on (03) 9369 6700. We’ll have everything you need to be delivered to your property as soon as possible.

Hire Changeover Switches Melbourne

If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution, we have manual switches available to hire now. You can have full control of your backup power when you use a manual model. Where automatic switches can occasionally react to false signals, manual units are completely in your power. You can save yourself and unnecessary intervention and invest in this low maintenance solution.

A loss of power can potentially cost your business tens and thousands of dollars in productivity loss. If you have access to the right equipment, you can minimise power loss and save your business money. If you need help in a domestic environment, simply call us and we can help you choose the right equipment to restore power to your home.

Are you looking to hire additional equipment? Check out our range of load cables, single-phase and three-phase leads, power lock cables, cable ramps, and distribution boards here. If you have any questions about our rental services,  call us on (03) 9369 6700 or email us at [email protected]

Thinking about buying a generator? Head on over to our sales section on East Coast Generators and purchase all the equipment you need. Portable power and backup solutions are our specialities.

Changeover Switches

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