Feb 2009 – GRA assists in a time of need

Feb 2009 – GRA assists in a time of need

During the devastation bushfires of February 2009 in Victoria, Generator Rentals Australia was pivotal in restoring power to areas affected greatly by the mass loss of power. Generator Rentals receive a call early on the Sunday morning following ‘Black Saturday’ from the Kinglake National Park Hotel. The hotel had been spared from the fire and had hundreds of people there, but was without power. Within 3 hours of receiving the phone call GRA unloaded a Melbourne generator hire solution onsite to get the hotel back online.

Pictured left is the Mt Tassie transmission tower, located approx. 30km south of Traralgon. The transmission tower is used to broadcast TV throughout the La Trobe Valley.

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The tower itself was left basically undamaged however there was serious damage to the building housing the equipment, in particular the backup generator room that was completely destroyed (pictured below). Generator Rentals Australia was called upon to supply equipment to get the tower back up online. It was estimated that it would be weeks before the overhead mains cables would be restored. Generator Rentals Australia worked through the night after receiving the phone call to get 4 large generators with accompanying long-range fuel tanks, Automatic Transfer Switches, Switchboards and kilometres of cabling all loaded and delivered to site. The tower ran solely on generator supply for a period of time before mains supply whilst a new stand-by generator was permanently installed onsite, replacing the one destroyed by the fire.

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