GRA responds to the calls during devastating floods of September 2010 and January 2011

Victoria & Queensland experienced some of the worst floods on record during September 2010 & January 2011.Flood 1

In September 2010 GRA was called upon to supply 1500kVA to a TV broadcasting site some 2 ½ hours drive North West of Melbourne. The site lost power following heavy flooding in the area, and the permanent backup generator suffered a major engine failure when required to run. GRA received the call late on a Sunday evening after already having dispatched 12 generators to telecommunication sites all over Victoria that night. We were asked to supply equipment to get this tower back online also.

There were a few hurdles GRA had to overcome, as the site was not accessible by anything other than a rigid truck. GRA organised for 3 of its 500kVA parallel-able generators to be dispatched at 4:00am the next morning on tilt-trays. The tower ran on generator supply for some time and then formed backup whilst the existing standby generator was being repaired.

In January 2011 Queensland experienced extreme weather widely broadcast across the globe. GRA was called upon to supply equipment to areas affected by the mass loss of power. GRA sent gensets to the heart of the flood in Brisbane to get businesses back online and operating as quickly as possible.