GRA pushed to extremes but never falters!

January 2012 saw the single biggest month ever experienced in our 20+ year history.


MissionFoods2It all started with a call from Mission Foods in Epping following a switchboard fire onsite. GRA was called upon to mobilise and install 2 x 1250kVA parallel-able generatos to get the plant back online. GRA installed the sets with accompanying 5000ltr fuel tanks and cabling to get the site up and running again. GRA offered a full turnkey solution having organised everything from freight to fuel for the site, one less hassle for the customer given the stress they were already under. The units were working hard for 2 weeks, most the time at 80 to 95% load. Even through extreme heat the 50ltr Cummins engines powered through, keeping those famous Mission wraps flowing through the production line!

Following the first job, Mission were so impressed by GRA that we were called upon again to supply 2 x 500kVA’s generators in parallel in a separate area for a routine shutdown where a competitor experienced multiple failures of their generators during the emergency works. GRA was happy to supply and engineer a more appropriate package that was both cost effective and reliable.