Labelmakers 1Having already serviced jobs from Mission Foods and Pacific Meats this month the guys from GRA thought they might be in for a small break, sorry to say, not the case! GRA received a call from Labelmakers in Somerton chasing over 4500kVA to get back online following a major HV switch failure in the area. When we arrived onsite at 5:00pm to look at the job the customer was in dire straits, they needed to resume production ASAP having already lost a day and not getting any firm answers from the supply authority. GRA made them a promise to work through the night and install 4500kVA in the form of 2 x 1250kVA’s, 1 x 1000kVA & 2 x 500kVA’s. The call was made at 6:00pm and all available staff were called in, GRA supplied and installed the above generators complete with 2,250 metres of 240mm sq cable and 100’s of cable covers. GRA is proud to say they kept their promise to the customer with the weary eyes of its hard working staff having all the units online in less than 10 hours, just as the sun was coming up (pictured below) and the Labelmakers staff were turning up to work. Well-done boys!