Need a Hire Generator Melbourne relies on?

Need a Hire Generator Melbourne relies on?

The top hire generator Melbourne businesses rely on is here. It’s power you can trust.

The power you need can be yours when you need it.  The benefits of Generator Rental over buying a generator outright make good business sense.

Generator Hire has the following positives:

  • Cost Less and Less Stress – it’s often more cost-effective to hire a generator than buy one especially for short-term use such as a work project or event.
  • Less Downtime and Maintenance – Generator hire gives you the best of equipment as far as performance and maintenance goes. Buying a generator means constant servicing by qualified technicians including parts and inevitable downtime. 
  • Try Before you Buy – How much power do you need? What generator works best for your work site? How much is the initial outlay? What would be the ongoing maintenance costs? Having tried one or more options with generator rental, you can answer these critical questions before you make that full purchase.
  • Sizing up the Job – a key benefit of generator hire is that you have the right power output for the right job. Being able to size up the power to each specific project means you won’t be caught short or be overpowered for the job.

It’s often a sound financial decision to hire instead of buy a generator. Having a team of true professionals behind you just makes the choice all the easier. 

Power in your hands

Whether it’s a programmed shutdown or added power for a particular project, you can have the power you need with the right generator hire. 

With help from the experts at Generator Rentals Australia – the rental division of East Coast Generator – it’s all made simple.

There’s no need for any undue worry or stress. You don’t need to try and cover every aspect of your power needs and come unstuck if you underestimate or miss some important issue.

Expert back up

With the professionals at GRA on your side, you can forget the worry and hassles of power generation and concentrate on generating more income.

We’ve been solving power issues and challenges for more than 20 years. Whether it’s generator hire, quality service and sales, GRA is there for you whenever you need us.


When it comes to power generator hire, top quality equipment is a key. Having that same quality in professional advice, know-how and the very best in customer service is just as important. GRA have a long list of satisfied clients and it’s no wonder positive word-of-mouth continues to spread across a range of industries.

Looking for excellence in generator rental and how you can save yourself time and money? The best in the business are ready and waiting to help you at every step of your power needs.

Sizing up your options

Whatever your generator requirements; large, medium or even a small generator – we have the best in generators and additional equipment. Every base is covered, with the back-up of emergency service 24/7. 

The GRA team here at East Coast Generators are your power professionals.

Speak to our team of experts today on (03) 9369 6700 

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