A Family In Need | Residential Generator Supply and Install

A Family In Need | Residential Generator Supply and Install

Residential Generator hireGRA operated domestically as well as on a commercial level!

Now that’s something you don’t see every day!

GRA was called upon to assist a family in need! Due to a miscommunication with the power authorities, the Melbourne Generator Hire specialists, GRA, were called upon to come up with a solution to provide power to a house in the middle of a residential area in Melbourne’s inner suburbs, after the main power had been cut to the property.
Generators are often tainted with the assumption of being overly noisy and obnoxious, but GRA came up with a solution to fix this tricky problem…

GRA craned one of its brand new super silent Shindaiwa Generators into the backyard of this Malvern residence. The residential generator was then surrounded with specialised acoustic walls to achieve a noise level of near 0! The generator ran 24/7 for nearly a month without a hitch or a single complaint! GRA also coupled up a 2,000L External Fuel Tank to the generator for uninterrupted power.
All part of our end to end service!

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