What’s all the noise about quality generators?

What’s all the noise about quality generators?

A generator never goes over the acceptable generator noise level

There are important things to take into account when it comes to buying any of the best new generators.

The key factors include;

  • Your full power needs
  • Sizing
  • Where to place for your new generator
  • The space required
  • Quality and guarantees

One important point not to overlook is the noise level of the generator.

There is an acceptable generator noise level to keep in mind.

Sound advice for generator noise

Once you’ve found the generator that can produce the power you need, when you need it make sure you consider the impact of your new generator on your surroundings.

There are several definitions of what is considered a ‘quiet generator’.

The sound of a generator is measured in decibels.

Generators that are able to operate at 50-65dBA or less which is often quieter than the noise generated by a refrigerator or air conditioning system while running.

Most well-known 1000-2000 watt inverter generators are considered to produce the same noise level as normal conversational speech. That is 50-60 dBA noise level at full rated load.

There are many that exceed this noise level which makes being able to operate them in certain situations and environments tricky.

Having a large generator (for example, in the 1250kVA range) that is working throughout the day and night can cause concerns for the simple noise level it generates.

Only an expert team can help with which generator will fit your needs and the conditions in which you will be using your generator.

By knowing the generator noise level standards, they can take you through all the ins & outs of generator decibel comparison and how to find the perfect generator for your power needs, your site location and the environment it will be working in.

A classic example of East Coast Generators expertise

Having a 1250kVA super silenced generator running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and less than 50 metres from residential housing is quite a task. Being able to do it with no noise complaints at all is a great feat.

You need true professional know-how to work within the environmental noise limits, especially in an urban environment with strict guidelines to meet.

That’s exactly what East Coast Generators have managed to do. Not just as a one-off, but as the team who get the job done right from the very first moment.

Generator sales of the quiet achievers

When it comes to the top line of generators, you can’t go past the top name in the business – that’s Kohler. For years now, Kohler generators have been the benchmark of quality and reliability. You don’t last long if you’re not doing something right.

The special thing about Kohler generators is their overall superiority. They do it all without the need for heavy promotion or high-budget advertising. Anyone in the know will tell you that the Kohler range is one you can trust with your power needs.

The Kohler KD & KM series are just some of the very best generators for sale in the market.

The great thing about the new Kohler generators is their high priority on noise reduction. It’s one thing to meet the generator noise level standards, it’s another thing to be under those levels whatever the situation.

With Kohler generators, you also have the ability to give them an acoustic sound treatment.

Where to find the best generator for you

There’s only one name you need to remember.

For the best new generators for sale, see the team who can look after you all the way. From expert advice through to sales, hire and servicing, even the particulars of generator decibel comparison or – you can’t beat East Coast Generators.

As Australia’s leading generator specialists & suppliers, ECG give you the most professional back up that you can find.

Finding the right new generator is easier than ever. Call the experts at East Coast Generators on (03) 9369 8800 or you can email [email protected].