Where to Hire a Generator in Melbourne

Where to Hire a Generator in Melbourne

Wondering where to hire a generator in Melbourne? Well, we’ve got the short answer here for you now – at Generator Rentals Australia. Didn’t know that we did rentals? Well, our team here at East Coast Generators realised that people across Melbourne desperately needed our hire generator Melbourne services. That’s why we set up our hire services at Generator Rentals Australia.

Why should you choose us? Well, check out the rest of our article to find out why we’re the best choice for your power generator needs.

Wide Range of Equipment Available for Hire

We’ve been in the business for over 20 years. Over those years, we’ve learned that there are many different solutions required for every unique customer. You might need emergency backup power, or a rental for a large event. If you’re wondering where to hire a generator in Melbourne (plus all of your additional equipment) take a look at the following range of items you can hire with our friendly team:

  • Small generators
  • Large generators
  • Medium generators
  • Load banks
  • Hire tanks
  • Load cables
  • Single phase leads
  • Three phase leads
  • Powerlock cables
  • Cable ramps
  • Distribution boards
  • Changeover switches

Professional Event Services

Organising an event is stressful enough without having to worry about your generator hire company. At GRA, we have provided portable power and additional equipment to hundreds of events around Melbourne. We’ve organised power for large-scale events, including the Sugar Mountain Festival, the Big Day Out, the Spring Racing Carnival, the Cold Chisel concert at Hanging Rock, the Australian Open, Stereosonic, Future Music Festival, Goodlife Music Festival, and many more.

If you’re planning a smaller event and wondering where to hire a generator in Melbourne, contact us now! We have supplied generators to people who are planning weddings, pop up food shops, street festivals, camping trips, and other miscellaneous events. No matter the nature of your plans, our experienced team members have you covered.

Take a look at our generators at the Spring Racing Carnival.

Generator Hire Melbourne Australia

Hire from a local provider and make sure that you get your backup power on time. We have an emergency service hotline that you can call at any time of the day (or night) for your generator needs. We have a Melbourne based warehouse and a fleet of trucks for fast delivery of all required power distribution equipment.

We service generators and conduct repairs at our warehouse. Our team are highly trained and knowledgeable. Rest assured that if you have any questions you can get in touch with our local team with ease.

Planned & Unplanned Power Outages

Want to know where to hire a generator in Melbourne for planned and unplanned power outages? Well, our team at Generator Rentals Australia are experts in power outage solutions. We can set you up with an automatic or manual changeover switch, a suitable generator, plus extra fuel tanks and leads to make sure you have an uninterrupted power supply.

Generator Sales

Now that you know where to find quality generator hire Melbourne services, why not check out our range of generators for sale on East Coast Generators. You can make a long-term investment in a portable power solution. We have new and used models available. If you’re unsure whether you need a rental or a brand-new generator of your own, call us now for a consultation. Our expert team members can assess your needs and make a recommendation.

Did you find this article helpful? Make sure you share it with your mates. We want everyone in Melbourne to know about our amazing hire services. If you have an enquiry or an emergency request, contact us on (03) 9369 6700.