Generator hire: 3 Key reasons to call ECG

Generator hire: 3 Key reasons to call ECG

Generator hire is a handy way to handle various situations. Generators are a great power source and come in a variety of sizes to suit any scenario. You might choose to buy one, but it’s not always the best solution for your needs. You might not have the budget to make the investment, or you might only need it for temporary use. This is where hiring becomes your best bet. Generator hire is a fantastic solution. We offer our customers a quality range of electrical equipment and the biggest variety of generator hire Melbourne has to offer!

Generators can be used for a variety of purposes and they come in a range of sizes for you to choose from for your event or situation.

Let’s explore 3 scenarios that are perfect for generator hire….

1)      The Little Things

Small scenarios call for small generators that are great for various purposes. Let’s explore them.

Throwing an outdoor party? It could be a 21st birthday or a 50th wedding anniversary.  If you’re planning a bit of a ‘do’ on your property or even at the local park, you’re going to need an easy power source for fun shenanigans like music and lights. Small generators are a great choice for outdoor parties and compact generators are perfect for people on the go.

Speaking of on the go, what if you’re going on a camping trip? Being exposed to the elements can be therapeutic for you and your family. Of course, there are many campers who would appreciate some e modern-day creature comforts  without taking away from the traditional camping experience. Generator hire prices are affordable so you can save money on your getaway while adding a touch of luxury to your camping holiday.  With a range of small generators that are easy to transport and quiet for a peaceful weekend away, they’re perfect for generator hire.

Generator hire

Perhaps it’s not about luxury and more about a bit of hard-yakka at a work site!

If so, East Coast Generator Hire recommends Crommelins mini generators for its essential safety features.

No matter the scenario, the small generator is a great option that’s easy to transport around and quiet so it doesn’t cause any disruption to your environment or event.

2)      Festivals, Weddings & Construction Sites

Thinking bigger? What about a wedding or even a festival? Think iconic big-ticket events on the Melbourne calendar. These sorts of events might need power sources that don’t melt down on simmering hot summer days.

Medium generators are great to hire for such occasions. East Coast Rentals offer a few types of installation of cabling into an event. Safe installation is crucial to the success of a celebration. One option is to run the cabling overhead to limit trip hazards in areas that generate a lot of foot traffic. Another option is to use cable ramps at the rear of stalls or vendors. Great for use where foot traffic is minimal and perfect for scenarios that command more power than a small generator and is still portable enough to carry around!

Generator hire prices

3)     Emergencies or Programmed Shutdowns

Power outages can occur for a range of different reasons. Weather is a typical one, where power lines are damaged by high winds and heavy rainfall. Lightning strikes are another culprit, along with motor accidents, bush fires and animals.

There are a few things you’d need to do in such a scenario. In some cases, it’s important to of course call emergency 000 for starters. Your next move is to contact your electricity distributor and to  hire a large power generator.

Whether they’re planned or unplanned, power outages can be a huge pain and inconvenience.  That’s why large generators are a great option, with many power companies hiring from us to provide backup power to support the grid!

You can inquire about generator hire for all kinds of scenarios. From parties to big-ticket events, camping to construction sites and stressful emergencies. Generator hire prices are affordable without making investments on machinery you might not necessarily use regularly.

East Coast Generators have been helping individuals, organisations and communities solve power issues for more than 20 years through generator hire, service and sale.

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