ECG was glad to be able to help in the bushfire emergency

ECG was glad to be able to help in the bushfire emergency

How professional power helped make a difference during the bushfires

There were more people affected in the recent bushfires than most people know.

The total devastation is almost beyond the imagination;

  • More than 18 million hectares burned
  • Millions of native animals killed
  • More than 30 lives lost
  • Thousands of buildings destroyed
  • Toxic smoke from the fires created the worst air quality in the world

It has been a catastrophe on a scale that has never been seen before.

While some of the fires still burn and the bushfire season is still with us, amongst it all is a dedication to helping those communities literally in the line of fire.

When Gippsland and the North East of Victoria were gripped by the reality of megafires and the unrelenting destruction they wreak, it was also a time for those who could make a difference to step up.

The whole point of dealing with experts

As professionals in emergency power generation, East Coast Generators basically dropped all that we were doing to help in the bushfire crisis.

Yes, it was our busiest time of the year.

Yes, it meant dealing with huge logistical challenges.

Yes, it all went off without a hitch.

The last thing you need in an emergency situation is to have more complications and headaches to deal with. We’re proud to say that the ECG team was able to utilise all our expertise and experience to mobilise our special equipment, vehicles and staff to get much-needed assistance to the affected communities.

Thanks to our planning and skills in the field of emergency power, we were there on site pretty much all in just a day’s notice.

The advantage of true professionals

Having the right quality equipment is one thing. Having the means to transport that equipment is another. Having years of experience and know-how to draw upon ensures that it all comes together at the right time and without an issue.

We’re proud to say that this was exactly what ECG was able to achieve in the bushfire crisis.

Having helped countless businesses of all types throughout the years meant that we were ready for whatever was thrown at us in the bushfire affected region.

Delivering more than 7MW of temporary power generation for the townships of Mallacoota, Corryong and Omeo was no small feat.

It was only after 5 crucial weeks of supplying power via generator sets and fuel tanks that normal power was restored for the devastated township of Mallacoota.

We were glad to use our expertise in the supply and installation of power generators to make a difference during such a difficult time.

We’d like to take this chance to again thank the dedicated crews, emergency services and Defence Force personnel for their tireless work. It was an honour to be a part of the overall recovery effort.

No time to waste

The ECG team have always been proud of our quick turnaround times. It was a blessing when it came to restoring power to the bushfire affected towns.

To be able to arrange delivery of generator sets and specialty equipment and have the power back up and running the same afternoon was just an example of what can be done with the right resources and expertise.

Emergency power generation has to be timely and efficient. No-one knows that better than someone who has lost power and no-one does it better than ECG.

Always ready and set to go

It’s not every day than you need to use your know-how to restore the power for an entire town at the drop of a hat. We were grateful to be there for the communities that had been devastated by the ferocity of the bushfires.

Our thoughts are still with those townships and the many families still coming to terms with the havoc that those fires have brought right throughout the state.

We will always be ready to help wherever and whenever we can. Whether that is working with the local authorities, the state government agencies or the Defence Force, ECG has always been about helping make a difference.

When it comes to the supply and installation of power generators, we are always there for you.

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A Special Note

There are still many events and opportunities to do your bit for the bushfire relief. The communities would be more than grateful for any assistance as they begin the arduous task of rebuilding their lives.