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generator installation

We supply and install generators in businesses all around Melbourne. First, we’ll help you select a generator that is right for your requirements. Then, we’ll select a range of additional equipment to help you get set up and keep the power running smoothly. After that, we’ll complete the process by installing your new system. If you have any questions throughout the entire process, we’re only a phone call away.



generator installation

Experience and Expertise

At East Coast Generators, we’ve been in the business for over 20 years. Our family owned and operated organisation is committed to excellent customer service and the supply of top quality generators.

We’re one of the only generator installation companies Melbourne has with an in-house warehouse for repairs and servicing. We also have a fleet of trucks for the timely transportation of all your power distribution equipment.

Our generator installation team are highly trained and have spent years preparing businesses for power interruptions. We know that every business is unique – contact us for a consultation and we can sort out a combination of equipment that will serve your building best.

We can set up temporary installations for events and provisional business locations as well as fixed solutions for those that are looking for a long term installation.

Maintenance Services

Many of the generator installation companies Melbourne has to offer tend to set up your generator and say goodbye. If you run into any trouble down the line, you often have to deal with service teams that don’t have the expertise to deal with the problem at hand.

At East Coast Generators, we’re completely self reliant. We don’t have to consult with manufacturers or call in extra support to diagnose a problem. If you are experiencing post installation issues with your generator, or if you’d like to have some routine maintenance performed, simply contact us and we’ll visit your property.

If we do find an issue, we can fix it on site or take it back to our Melbourne warehouse for maintenance.

Additional Equipment

Are you looking for a UPS (uninterrupted power supply) solution for your business? You might be interested in our automatic changeover switches. If you’d prefer a manual control, we have manual changeover switches available now for installation.

All you have to do is let us know what you need and we can choose a range of additional equipment that will enable a smooth transition to backup power in your building when you need it. During the generator installation, we’ll attach and test any additional equipment and make sure the system is working effectively.

generator installation

Efficient Generator Installation Melbourne

Our professional team will get the job done quickly and carefully. We’ll minimise any disruption to your business and we’d be happy to go through any safety induction procedures your organisation may have.

If you do need emergency assistance at any time, call us on (03) 9369 6700. We have a 24/7 hotline to help you whenever you need us. Choose a local team that can be on your property within minutes. We care about your business, so please don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions about our services.



Generator Hire Melbourne 

Looking for our hire services? Head on over to Generator Rentals Australia for more information about renting with us. We have small, medium, and large generators for rent – as well as a full range of equipment to help you keep the power running. From load banks to fuel tanks – we have it all. Email or call us now for more information.