Why ECG are proud to be there in an emergency

Why ECG are proud to be there in an emergency

Getting the power up and running again – ECG make it happen

There’s more to life than worrying about what might or might not happen in the future.

That was never made clearer than in the recent bushfires and the devastation they caused throughout Victoria and NSW. This was a real life drama that got worse day by day.

Being surrounded by fires and then to lose your power was a living nightmare for communities throughout Gippsland and the North East.

Like all Australians, East Coast Generators dropped everything to see what we could do to help in the emergency. That’s where the supply and installation of generators became a key issue.

Power to the people

Despite the huge logistical nightmare that the bushfires created, ECG were ready and resourced with the best in equipment, vehicles and dedicated staff with the experience to deal with emergency situations.

You don’t get second chances when it comes to bushfires and you need to be able to deal with a variety of issues in getting power back up and running to the towns affected.

Emergency power generation is not a simple flick of the switch. It takes proper planning, logistical expertise and experience in dealing with whatever is thrown at you.

Timing is everything

While fires were still burning throughout the state, ECG was able to provide important temporary power generation to the towns of Mallacoota, Omeo and Corryong.

Knowing we could use our expertise to run the power for an entire town at the drop of a hat was incredibly reassuring for the team and the communities ravaged by the fires.

It wasn’t just a matter of driving generators into the area and powering up. The whole equipment needed to be specially serviced while it was running on site. This included loading service gear into army aircraft and Chinook helicopters to get everything into the area needed, flying technicians out of an RAAF base at Sale into Mallacoota and then having to fly home via Canberra and Melbourne just to avoid the toxic smoke and other dangers.

Thankfully, all the work was done under the tightest turnarounds and without any incident.

That’s where the ECG team was proud to make a difference.

Real life knowledge

It’s one thing to know you have the skills and tools to be able to make a difference. It’s another thing to actually do it in the real world.

We’d like to thank all the ECG team and all those who helped make a success of what was one of the most trying times for the whole nation – especially those who faced the rage of the bushfires first-hand.

Seeing the prompt and professional way that ECG performed in the weeks of the emergency was a reminder of just how important it is to have the right power generation ready to go.

This was highlighted by the ABC in their coverage of the bushfire situation in Victoria.

Not just a one-off situation

It’s a hard thing to admit but emergencies are a part of life. It’s important to be ready and offer the most professional services required.

When it comes to supply and installation of power generators, ECG are glad to be there.

You can check our generator installation and supply services and know that we’ll be there for you whenever you need us. That’s East Coast Generators difference.

True professional service and advice is always here.

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One last important thing

If you haven’t made a donation for the bushfire relief yet, there are still events and opportunities to do your bit to help. Just remember to choose a verified charity to make sure the money goes where it’s supposed to.