Generator installation and where to start

Generator installation and where to start

Generators – one call before you install

Who is the best of all the generator installation companies Melbourne wide?

Which one of those generator installation companies is best for you?

You need to know that you’ve got true professionals on the job.

It’s important to be sure you will get the right size generator with the right fuel and they will find the best location for your generator and the transfer switch.

That’s where the experts at Generator Rentals Australia, the hiring arm of East Coast Generators stand head and shoulders above the rest.

GRA are the leaders in quality and reliable generator hire and installation.

Having the power you need – when you need it is easy with help from the professionals at GRA.

The benefits of hiring a generator are many and varied.

You can learn about the 3 Key reasons to call GRA/East Coast Generators.

Problems with some generator installation companies

When you search for local generator hire companies Melbourne, you’ll get a whole range of options – some good, some… not so good.

How can you tell the difference?

Go with a team that has a proven track record of quality service, installation and equipment.


Things that can go wrong with generator installation

Operating a generator in an industrial environment is not a simple one step function.

Unfortunately, portable generators can malfunction for any number of reasons.

Let’s look at a few that may occur with ordinary hire companies:

Leaks – Oil, Fuel, or Coolant

Without proper routine maintenance, leaks are sadly a common occurrence.  Most often oil leaks are not, in fact, leaks, but the result of what is referred to as ‘wet stacking’. The issue of wet stacking is a result of un-burned fuel, lube oil, condensed water and acids passing into the exhaust system.

Shut-down / Low Coolant Level Alarms

Either an external or internal leak is the usual cause for a low coolant level. Many portable generators are equipped with a low coolant level alarm. A limited number of generators have a dedicated alarm indicator for low coolant.

There are common mistakes that a non-professional can make.

For example, fuel leak problems are often due to overfilling of the base tank. A typical cause is human error or a pump system failure. At GRA/East Coast Generators, we always recommend having a trained professional fuel your portable generator. It’s just not worth the problems and cost to do it any other way.

When it comes to all the different generator installation companies, Melbourne has a true stand-out performer in GRA. Get the professionals who can look after all your generator needs.

You can forget the problems outlined here with GRA behind you all the way.


More Power to You

We take the headaches out of hiring and installing your generators. With GRA, it’s an easy and reliable process. Why? Because we’re the experts with years of experience behind us.

Of all the local generator hire companies Melbourne has on offer, GRA stands out.

It’s not just the knowledge and expertise, it’s the level of service you get that can’t be matched by other generator installation companies.

The range of our services includes everything from different size generators to Lighting Towers, Load Banks, Fuel Tank Hire and more.

We’ve been the leader in power generation, installation, maintenance and service for over 20 years. You don’t last that long if you’re not doing the job right.

The Professionals you can trust

Whether you need single, multiple generator hire and installation, East Coast Generators/GRA can look after you.  With the back-up of 24/7 emergency service, there’s no need to go anywhere else.

Call GRA today on (03) 9369 6700 or contact us HERE.