Where to go for generator sales and service

Where to go for generator sales and service

Where to go for the best in generator sales and service

Sales and service don’t always go hand in hand.

For the best in generator sales and service Melbourne companies head straight to East Coast Generators. 

Let’s start with Generator sales.

The first thing to ask is what do you need the generator for? This will determine what size of generator you need.

Small, medium or large? 

A small generator from as low as 2kVA all the way up to 80kVA will cover you for small social functions or worksite requirements. They’re very portable, so transporting them is easy. 

A medium generator is great when you need more power than a small generator but still something that is easy to transport. This is a top option for weddings and festivals and when you’re faced with a power outage.

Certain occasions require the use of a large generator. Whether it’s a programmed shutdown or an emergency situation, your business will be looked after for all its power needs.

If you’re unsure what generator will cover you, talk to a trusted and reliable provider who can take you through everything step by step. That last thing you need is to be caught short on power.



There’s no point paying for power that you won’t ever need. 

look for is the Generators have a starting watts rating and running watts ratings. 

There is a significant difference in the terms ‘starting’ and ‘running watts’. 

Some brands promote starting watts as a feature, where others focus on running watts. 

Starting watts are only available for a brief period. Running watts outlines what the generator can and should consistently deliver. 

A broad range of generators gives you better options to compare. It’s a key to getting the right power you need for your project.

To find what you’re looking for in a generator, it pays to discuss things with a team of professionals. They will be able to take you through the variables and the pros and cons for specific brands. 

It’s a significant purchase that you don’t want to do without having the knowledge and insight that an expert can provide.

generator sales and service Melbourne


It’s one thing to buy a generator, it’s another thing to get the service back up you need.

Maintenance and repair of your generator is as important as the initial purchase. 

You can’t afford to have a generator that fails to start or run. If you’ve bought a generator that should kick in automatically when the power is down, then you’re in for more trouble than you dreamed of. 

Whether it’s a faulty On/Off switch or a clogged fuel filter due to old or contaminated fuel, you want to avoid any breakdowns and hassles.

The key to reliable power comes from having a reliable generator. Don’t second guess yourself and get the power you want whenever you need it.

That’s where the team at East Coast Generators have you covered in every way.

When you buy a generator from East Coast Generators, you’re getting a quality unit that won’t fail you when you need dependable power. 

From small to large generators, we have you covered. You’ll also get expert advice and professional service that you can rely on.

If you’re looking to hire a generator, we can look after you in more ways than one.

We saw the demand for generator sales and service Melbourne businesses were looking for increase over the years. That’s why we created our branch of equipment hire – the trusted name is Generator Rentals Australia. 

We’re Australia’s leading specialist generator hire & supply services team. We provide the bonus of associated equipment too. From fuel tanks to lighting towers, load cables to load banks even change over panels, we can look after you.

All of our equipment is tested prior to hire. All our rental equipment tests are conducted in line with the current Australian safety standards, you can be sure you’re getting the very best.

For over 20 years, our family owned and operated company has been offering the highest standard in top quality generators all backed up by our customer service excellence.

Whether you’re looking to buy a generator or hire one – talk to the experts first.

That’s Generator Rentals Australia.

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