Why ECG are the power experts in difficult situations like the Covid 19 lockdown

Why ECG are the power experts in difficult situations like the Covid 19 lockdown

For the best generators in a planned power outage – ECG are happy to be the quiet achievers

When it comes to a planned power outage, you want to know that everything is taken care of.

In the supply and installation of generators, everything has to go according to plan or you can easily have the whole situation spiral out of control. Precision timing and knowing the ins and outs of the situation is critical. That’s where East Coast Generators are the Go To team.

A power outage during Covid 19 lockdown

There was a special planned power outage at a large nursing home in Templestowe.

The whole point of going through the ordeal of a power outage is to do crucial work such as maintenance or an upgrade to the power network itself. You don’t need to know much about the importance of uninterrupted power to realise that this is no everyday procedure.

When it comes to continuous power to a nursing home or health facility, the transition to generator power is all the more critical. 

To have to perform this task under the added pressure of the Covid 19 lockdown meant enlisting the expertise of ECG.

The special case of power when it’s needed

The team at ECG and their hiring arm are no strangers to dealing with unusual and difficult situations. It’s in special times that the speciality of the team are called upon.

That’s where the dedication and attention to detail can matter most.

Cut to the East Coast Generators team arriving and preparing the site at the crack of dawn.

As the day broke, the team were already setting up and commissioning a special 500kVA “Super Silent” TecnoGen Power Generator for the occasion.

The point of the exercise was not just to maintain reliable power but to tailor that power to the special circumstances of the Nursing Home. This is where low noise residential applications were of critical importance.

The power outage situation was handled with the usual quiet professionalism of the ECG team. Any difficulty in the exercise was made to look easy thanks to the expertise involved.

Reliability of power is everything

Whenever there is a need for the supply and installation of generators – be it in an emergency situation like during the recent Victorian bushfires or a sudden power cut, look to the team with the know-how you can trust.

East Coast Generators have years of experience in all sorts of different situations where reliable power is the top priority.

It’s the ability of ECG to work with precision that means any planned power outage or maintenance work is in the safest hands.

Even in this strange and unpredictable time, knowing you can rely on your power supply is a reassuring thing.

If you’re going through the difficulty of organising a planned power outage make sure you have ECG on board so you know you’ll always have access to critical power, when you need it.

The right solution for the situation

You don’t have to take on all the burden of looking after your power generation needs yourself. Talk to the experts here at East Coast Generators and we’ll help make everything run smoothly. We’re always ready to offer the most professional services available.

When it comes to supply and installation of power generators, ECG are here for you.

You can check our generator installation and supply services and trust we’ll be there for you whenever you need us. That’s the East Coast Generators way. 

True professional service and advice we’re proud to share.

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