Where do you get a great deal on the best Kohler generators?

Where do you get a great deal on the best Kohler generators?

The reliability of Kohler generators is a powerful tool to have

When you talk about the best in reliable and efficient power you can’t go past the ever-reliable Kohler generators.

The Kohler brand has something special to offer that other generators can’t match.

It’s all in superior manufacturing process. Using the best of the best and always looking to improve means Kohler is always at the forefront of innovation. That’s why Kohler generators go hand in hand with the idea of top quality generators.

Whenever you talk about power, you are talking about a trusted source of power.

In today’s cut-throat business world you can’t afford to have power issues.

An outage can be devastating for businesses. This was shown as recently as the 2016 blackouts in South Australia and the recent bushfires throughout Victoria and NSW.

A large scale loss of power can easily run into the hundreds of millions.

Without reliability, there can be no trust

What about in the case of a smaller power outage that is restricted to a few blocks but takes hours to fix?

The cost to a local business in this scenario can be almost as shattering. That’s why generators serve a key role in both reconnecting power supply in an emergency or maintaining power until the power issue is rectified. 

Any enterprise that has back-up generators needs to be able to rely on that power first-time, every time. In some cases – such as with hospitals and medical facilities – the matter can be one of life or death.

Why Kohler generators stand out

Every Kohler generator goes through rigorous and methodical quality-testing from the very beginning to the final product. It all begins with the engineering team who run hundreds of performance tests throughout the design process. A full examination is made down to each individual nut and bolt.  

Once the generator design gets the all-important tick of approval for quality, the production stage begins. Before any Kohler generator leaves the factory floor, it is put through thorough testing one more time. The result speaks for itself – Kohler is synonymous with total reliability.

What does it mean for the demands of Australian businesses and the harsh Australian climate?

That reliability of power needs to be trusted more than ever – and it is.

Partners in Power

We’re more than proud of the Partnership between Clarke Energy / Kohler Power Generators and East Coast Generators as the Victorian Independent Dealer which gives us direct access to the Kohler Factory in Brest, France.

You can watch one of these top quality generators of the KD series come to life in this special video ‘From Factory to Application On Site’. 

These are the amazing KD Series of Generators (800kVA – 4200kVA) – the benchmark for power in more ways than one.

The East Coast Generators Difference

East Coast Generators do more than Sell, Hire and Service Generators. We also have the knowledge and expertise to Re-Build Engines.
Unlike other suppliers who just provide you with a product, we service all your needs.

If you’re in the Construction Industry and need Onsite Power for tools, site sheds and more, then talk to the team at ECG first. 

We can mount our Kohler Generators onto Trailers that suit your personal requirements.

When it comes to supply and installation of power generators, East Coast Generators are the name to remember. We have the best generators in Victoria.

You can check our generator installation and supply services and know we’ll be there for you. That’s why Kohler Generators and East Coast Generators go hand-in-hand for reliability. 

With ECG, you get true professional service and expert advice we’re proud to share.

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