Kohler® KD44 Diesel Generator – 44kVA

Kohler® KD44 Diesel Generator – 44kVA

Prime Rating
40 KVA
Standby Rating
44 KVA
Engine Brand
Three Phase

KOHLER premium quality

  • Design offices using the latest technical innovations
  • Modern fully certified factories
  • A cutting-edge laboratory
  • The generating set, its components and a wide range of options have been fully developed, prototype tested, factory built, and production tested

KOHLER premium performances

  • Optimized and certified sound levels
  • Reliable power, even in extreme conditions
  • Optimized fuel consumption
  • Compact footprint
  • Best quality of electricity, high starting and loading capacity, according to ISO8528-5
  • Robust base frames and high-quality enclosures
  • Protection of installations and people
  • Approved in line with the most stringent standards

Get the power of Kohler Power Systems working for you.

Just how good are Kohler generators? They’ve been the top name in the power generator for many years and for good reason. The generator set and all its components are tested in the prototype stage, specially built and then undergo full production testing. You know you’re getting the best with the Kohler trusted name behind it.

With continued innovation, Kohler has taken power generation into the future.

The special features include;

  • A sustained short-circuit current greater than 300% of the rated current for up to 10 secs
  • Special vacuum-impregnated windings with fungus-resistant varnish
  • Superior voltage waveform from a two thirds pitch stator and skewed rotor

Having the bonus of the ever-reliable John Deere engine with 12 volt battery charging alternator gives you true peace of mind.

The KD44 model has a Fuel Consumption as outlined below:


KD44 50 Hz

Diesel, Lph (gph) at % load     Standby Rating

110% (of the standby rating)      13.6 (3.6)


Diesel, Lph (gph) at % load     Prime Rating

100% (of the prime rating)         11.2 (3.0)

75%  (of the prime rating)           8.4 (2.2)

50%  (of the prime rating)           6.0 (1.6)


There is a variety of quality accessories available for both Open and Enclosed units.

You have the ability to have more than 60 individual faults monitored that include; engine cooling and lube systems, generator set status and the electrical charging system.

To learn more, you can download a PDF on the features and specifications on the KD44 here

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Engine Brand
Alternator Commercial Brand
(V) 400/230
Standard Control Panel
Consumption @ 100% load ESP (L/h)
Consumption @ 100% PRP load (L/h)
Type of Cooling
Mechanical driven fan
Performance class